If you can't remember, stop by for a car alignment in Windsor, CO

Your vehicle relies on its axles and wheels to keep it going in a straight line. If your wheels are misaligned, then your car won't respond the way you expect it to. Shifting Gears Auto Repair, LLC offers wheel alignment service in the Windsor, CO area. You can count on us to perform your car alignment with the utmost care and precision.

Call 970-685-4221 today to learn more about our wheel alignment service. A reputable auto mechanic from our shop will gladly answer your questions.

3 good reasons to get a car alignment done now

All kinds of road conditions, from minor potholes to uneven pavement, can cause your wheels to become misaligned. You should consider getting a car alignment to correct your wheels because:

  • Misaligned wheels can cause tires to wear unevenly.
  • Misaligned wheels can undermine your control and cause you to drift into other lanes.
  • Misaligned wheels can impact the way your car responds to braking and accelerating.

To find out whether your car needs a wheel alignment, stop by our automotive repair shop in Windsor, CO today. Don't forget to ask about our $10 sticker discounts.