Rely on Shifting Gears Auto Repair for automotive maintenance in Windsor, CO

Your car contains a wide range of delicate machinery, all working together to keep you on the road safely. If just one of those components were to break down, the damage could spread to other areas of your vehicle in record time. Shifting Gears Auto Repair, LLC can help you avoid future car damage with routine automotive maintenance work. An experienced auto mechanic from our crew can check over your vehicle and fix any issues before they become major headaches.

Call 970-685-4221 today to find out more about our automotive maintenance work in Windsor, CO. We'll give your vehicle a free courtesy inspection.

What can Shifting Gears Auto Repair do for your car?

You can breathe easy knowing that a skilled auto mechanic from our crew is checking over your car. We'll perform a wide range of automotive maintenance work, including:

  • A transmission flush
  • A fluid exchange
  • An oil change
  • An engine tune-up

To get your transmission flush done, stop by our automotive repair shop in Windsor, CO today. We perform automotive maintenance work according to each car's specific factory guidelines, so you'll have peace of mind knowing we handled everything by the book.